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Jolly Roger

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Brand: Jolly Roger Catalog Number: JRR012
No comments needed for this great Italian heavy/doom band on their 3rd bombastic effort. One of the most important Italian metal bands currently. TRACK LISTING: 1. Massacro 2. La Morte del Mondo 3. E Vivere sarΰ 4. Come stai 5. Inquisantesimo 6. Intrinakrius 7. I Diavoli del Re 8. L'Ereti..
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ROSAE CRUCIS - Fede Potere Vendetta CD
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Brand: Jolly Roger Catalog Number: JRR010
Ultra heavy and cool Italian epic metal band that unlike many bands of this country that prefer the more STRATOVARIUS & BLIND GUARDIAN oriented stuff, they stay true to the MANOWAR / MAIDEN era!! This is their third album and again it kicks-ass!! One of the big hopefuls from Italy for sure. TRACK..
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Brand: Jolly Roger Catalog Number: JRR020
Second full length for this power/speed metal band hailing from Italy. TRACK LISTING: 1. Lord Of Winter 2. Queen Factory 3. Her Majesty Rage 4. Reflections 5. The Other One 6. Winter Tale 7. Sign 8. Ice Garden 9. Eternal Symphony 10. Out In The Rain  ..
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Brand: Jolly Roger Catalog Number: JRR016
Pounding Italian thrash. This is the band's second release. TRACK LISTING: 1. Mass Slavery 2. Extinction 3. Hydro Pregnancy 4. Bloody Busine$$ 5. Anthropic Collapse 6. Necrotechnology 7. Blood Engine 8. Genuin - cide 9. Contaminated Soil 10. Unknown Pathology 11. A Good Reason to Kill ..
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