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Heaven And Hell

ANCIENT CREATION - Moonlight Monument CD
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Brand: Heaven And Hell Catalog Number: HHR013
Third and best effort by this US Power metal band! TRACK LISTING: 1. Profane Destiny 2. Black Reflection 3. Apocalypse 4. With Anguish 5. Through Prophet's Eyes 6. Drifting To Fade 7. Stories In The Snow 8. At Dusk (Instrumental) 9. Moonlight Monument  ..
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NATU SABVERATA - Existing to Ensure Your Destruction CD
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Brand: Heaven And Hell Catalog Number: HHR07
Description :One of North Carolina most brutal metal bands ever. Combining Sepultura and Celtic Frost grooves with Trouble-esque heaviest and the chaotic spirit of the almighty Slayer to create a soundtrack for pure destruction and violence. Fans of; Sepultura, Slayer, Dying Fetus, Crowbar, and H..
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Brand: Heaven And Hell Catalog Number: HHR09
The 2nd album of this US heavy metal band originating from Minneapolis. TRACK LISTING: 1. Test of Time 2. Paid in Blood 3. Rising Against 4. Epidemic 5. Ignite the Fire 6. Death Dealer 7. Fractured 8. Tyrannical Reign 9. Beyond the Wicked Lies  ..
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CORE DEVICE - What I've Become CD
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Brand: Heaven And Hell Catalog Number: HHR014
While tagged as Power Metal they are not as opera or classical oriented in their sound and style as their European peers. What I’ve Become, their second full length, incorporates elements of progressive thrash which makes perfect sense and at times are fairly heavy and technically precise. TRACK ..
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