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Remembering Ed Horgan (September 2, 1963 - January 4, 2022)

Cruz Del Sur

Brand: Cruz Del Sur Catalog Number: CRUZ138
"A traditional mixture, served in a contemporary way." - Rocks (DE), 8/10"Lots of details and hooks!" - Musikreviews (DE), 13/15"Fantastic old school metal on an excellent high level!" - FFM Rock (DE), 9/10"Enthusiasm, vocal power and skill!" - (DE), 8.5/10"No trends, no hypes. This al..
Brand: Cruz Del Sur Catalog Number: CRUZ139
Fer de Lance is a Metal Band based in Chicago. With musicians from Moros Nyx, Professor Emeritus, Satan's Hallow, Midnight Dice, Sept of Memnon, and Beastlurker, Fer de Lance came together to make uncompromising music devoid of the demands of genre and scene.FOR FANS OF: Bathory, While Heaven Wept, ..
Brand: Cruz Del Sur Catalog Number: CRUZ 136
Ten songs of high-energy, classic metal with ’70s rock attitude from the streets of New York City! On their first studio album in five years, New York City’s Tower kicks out the jams with vintage metal appeal and classic rock persuasion that brings the old-school into today!TRACKLISTING:1. Blood Moo..
Brand: Cruz Del Sur Catalog Number: GOH45
Epic heavy metal band from Quimper, France. Regular black vinyl version, 2nd pressing. Includes doublesided 12"x12" lyricsheet, A2-poster and download code.TRACKLISTING:Side A:1. Maitres De L'Ocean2. La Flamme3. Le Dernier RempartSide B:La Saga De Herzel1. Berceau De Cendres2. L'Epee Des Dieux3. L'U..
Brand: Cruz Del Sur Catalog Number: CRUZ134
Six songs of emotion-laden, unparalleled doom for the darkest of times.On their sixth studio album, Until the Darkness Goes, Apostle of Solitude channel loss and isolation into their finest work to date - a heavy, melodic, ultimately cathartic offering of pure doom.TRACKLISTING:1. When The Darkness ..
Brand: Cruz Del Sur Catalog Number: CRUZ595
The band was formed in 1997 in Pennsylvania by four American musicians but the musical roots of Pharaoh come from European power metal acts. Featuring Tim Aymar, who is best known for his vocals on Control Denied, Chris Kerns on bass, Matt Johnsen on guitar and Chris Black on drums, they released th..
Brand: Cruz Del Sur Catalog Number: CRUZ131
New album!TRACK LISTING:1. The Powers That Be2. Will We Rise3. Waiting to Drown4. Lost in the Waves5. Ride Us to Hell6. When the World Was Mine7. Freedom8. Dying Sun9. I Can Hear Them..
Brand: Cruz Del Sur Catalog Number: CRUZ598
Text by Cruz Del Sur site:By 2007, Pale Divine had released two full-lengths, 2001’s Thunder Perfect Mind and 2004’s Eternity Revealed. While both were well-received due to Pale Divine’s earnest, authentic and time-honored brand of 1970s-inspired doom, the band felt their best work still lay ahead o..
Brand: Cruz Del Sur Catalog Number: CRUZ597
Text by Cruz Del Sur site:Orodruin’s 2003 Epicurean Mass debut was a harbinger of things to come. So formidable that it took the band 16 years to release its Ruins of Eternity follow-up, Epicurean Mass paved the way for a resurgence in mournful, riff-laden Black Sabbath and Saint Vitus-styled doom. ..
Brand: Cruz Del Sur Catalog Number: CRUZ592
Text from CRUZ DEL SUR website:“Wish To Leave” marks a change in direction for LUNAR SHADOW - after two well-received albums of heavy metal-meets-Scandinavian black metal, founder, guitarist and songwriter Max Birbaum had other, more experimental things in mind, namely, taking the band into indie/po..
Brand: Cruz Del Sur Catalog Number: CRUZ593
Text from CRUZ DEL SUR website:Limited to 500 copies worldwide.Includes 7'' Disc, A2 Colour Poster & Download Code.ADAMANTIS formed in 2016 when drummer Evgeny Gromovoy and guitarist Javier Estrada moved to Boston for work where they met guitarist Jeff Taft and former singer Ashley Caval via an inte..
Brand: Cruz Del Sur Catalog Number: CRUZ 130
Text by CRUZ DEL SUR website:True, epic doom of the highest order in the vein of Candlemass, Solitude Aeturnus and Trouble!On their first studio album in eight years, Preserved in Time, Germany’s Wheel delivers seven songs of brooding, emotional doom that promises to be an early 2021 favorite!TRACKL..
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