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RANGER - Ylös Raunioista / Risen From The Ruins CD (Pre-Order)
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Brand: Ektro Catalog Number: EKTRO-149
On this album we continue on the path we laid on our last demo *Insurgency*. The album was recorded in our home studio, which was a natural choice after being fed up with the music business and ”real” studios. The base tracks were recorded by the two of us, but there are also guest musicians on the ..
Brand: Ektro Catalog Number: EKTRO-134
It was 30 years ago that Jesters of Destiny’s Fun at the Funeral debut was released on the short-lived Metal Blade subsidiary Dimension Records. A year later, they released the all-covers record In a Nostalgic Mood, after which the band was unceremoniously hacked from the Metal Blade stable and, una..
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Brand: Ektro Catalog Number: EKTRO-080
TRACK LISTING: 1. Το Cult Of No Return 2. Knights Of Torment 3. Ωραία Κοιμωμένη 4. Sea Of Madness 5. Σκύλα από την κόλαση 6. Χιλιάδες φίδια 7. Ταχύτητα, Γιογκ Sogoth 8. Golem Made Of Flesh 9. Συνθετικό Θάνατος 10. Όταν Το Φως Is Dead And Gone  ..
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STEEL MAMMOTH - Atomic Mountain CD
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Brand: Ektro Catalog Number: EKTRO-047
Side project of the band Circle. It's pure WTF? weirdness in the guise of a metal band. More catchy than crushing, it's a hitherto unheard hybrid of Circle's trademark hypnotic pulsations, a relaxed pop sensibility, tossed off hard rock riffing, moody tension, and sensitive vocals delivering ridicul..
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