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Brand: Divebomb Catalog Number: DIVE164
Having eventually gone their separate ways sometime after the release of Death Valley Dream in 1996, legendary Boston power thrashers MELIAH RAGE opened the door on reunion talks around 2002 at the behest of upstart label Screaming Ferret Wreckords. Founding guitarist Anthony Nichols quickly roped i..
BLATANT DISARRAY - Everyone Dies Alone CD
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Brand: Divebomb Catalog Number: TRB103
Debut album by these U.S. thrash metallers! TRACK LISTING: 1. Undetermined 2. Down And Out 3. Question 4. End 5. Faithless 6. Pathetic 7. A Righteous Rant 8. Eye Fortune 9. Hourglass 10. Everyone Dies Alone  ..
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