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Remembering Ed Horgan (September 2, 1963 - January 4, 2022)


Brand: Divebomb Catalog Number: DIVE174
ACRIDITY got its start in Victoria, TX in 1986, and by the end of the year had solidified a still-teenaged lineup consisting of guitarists Anthony Pedone and Mel Langenberg, Mark Cox (bass), Mark Soto (drums), and frontman Darin Carroll. Combining passions for no-frills, heavy-or-die thrash as well ..
Brand: Divebomb Catalog Number: DIVE176
Formed in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada during the mid-'80s, DISCIPLES OF POWER is the brainchild of guitarist/vocalist Hart Bachmier, who steered the group through more than a decade of demo recordings, record label woes, lineup changes, and four full-length albums - Power Trap, Ominous Prophecy, I..
MELIAH RAGE - Masquerade CD
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Brand: Divebomb Catalog Number: DIVE165
In the mid-2000s, legendary Boston power thrashers MELIAH RAGE found themselves prepped to create a brand new album with all five original members in tow. Drummer Stuart Dowie had returned for 2006's The Deep and Dreamless Sleep, and even fan-favorite vocalist Mike Munro had agreed to find time amid..
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