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CULT METAL CLASSICS release plan 2022


Brand: Karthago Catalog Number: KR072
Limited to 300 copies in black vinyl. Comes with a 2-page insert.Text by KARTHAGO RECORDS website:In 1989 METAL MERCY from Jönköping (Sweden) produced the mini album “The Unborn Child”. Though it was released in the late 80s it does not contain any influences of “modern” metallic styles. This typica..
Brand: Karthago Catalog Number: KR 032, CD 784-1279 (RARE)
Record Label: KarthagoCondition (Media - Sleeve): Mint (M) / Mint (M)Condition Notes: Format Info: CD, Album, RE..
Brand: Karthago Catalog Number: KR 002 (RARE)
Record Label: KarthagoCondition (Media - Sleeve): Very Good Plus (VG+) / Near Mint (NM or M-)Condition Notes: Format Info: CD, Album, Ltd..
Brand: Karthago Catalog Number: KR096-HMC030
TRACK LISTING:1. Fight Together2. Break Out3. Metal Opening / Rockwire4. Hard Rock5. Temple Of Love6. Angel's Ride*7. Surplus Love*8. Time*9. Watch Out*10. Rock Time**11. Night Rider**12. Delivery**13. Hello Again***Bonustrack taken from "Diamond Cage" Demo 1988**Bonustrack taken from Demo 1989..
Brand: Karthago Catalog Number: KR064-HMC007
TRACK LISTING: 1. Born For Solution 2. Drifting With The Hunter 3. Atonal Attention 4. Strange Kind Of Love 5. No Nomination 6. Rocking Movie Star 7. Here We Are 8. New York City Run 9. Born For Solution10. Drifting With The Hunter11. Atonal Attention 12. Strange Kind Of Love 13. No Nomin..
Brand: Karthago Catalog Number: KR082-HMC021
TRACK LISTING:1. Here We Are2. Running Wild 3. Flying High4. Never5. Freedom6. Love Is Blind7. Going Crazy8. Into the Night9. Berlin10. Nighthawk11. Raised By Wolves (Bonus Track)12. Dragon Tears (Bonus Track)13. Love Is Truth (Bonus Track)14. Warning (Bonus Track)15. Win Or Lose (Bonus Track)16. It..
Brand: Karthago Catalog Number: KR101-HMC035
TRACK LISTING:1. Opening2. Burnt In Ice3. Wizard Of Ore4. White Thunder5. Eagle In The Crest6. Angel Of Paradise7. Excalibur8. Skyline Of Rock9. Well Of LoveBONUS TRACKS:10. The Moontemples11. Overthrown..
Brand: Karthago Catalog Number: KR097-HMC031
TRACK LISTING:1. Freedom2. Wonderful World 3. Flying High4. Our Way To Rock5. Into The Night6. Keep Moving7. Judas Priest8. Love At First SightBonus Tracks Taken From Album ROSEBUD "Nothing Last Forever"9. Armageddon10. Running Home11. Kick It Down12. Time To Live, Time To Die13. Fire14. Break My He..
CREATURE - Ride The Bullet CD
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Brand: Karthago Catalog Number: KR093
TRACK LISTING:1. Intro2. Nervous Breakdown3. Ride The Bullet4. Can't You Realize5. Don't Believe in Rumors6. Deep Down 'n' Dirty7. L.A.8. Heroes9. Spit10. Bitch Part I11. Bitch Part II12. I Can't Break Out13. Break14. L.O.V.E.15. No Voice Rumors..
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Brand: Karthago Catalog Number: KR092-HMC028
TRACK LISTING: 1. Down The Hatch 2. I Have Waited 3. Gonna Give Her My Love 4. Lady Of The Night 5. Public Enemy 6. No Time For Thinking 7. Instrumental One 8. Name Of The Game 9. Get Ready..
Brand: Karthago Catalog Number: KR081-HMDC002
TRACK LISTING: 1. Torture Slave 2. Seed Of Insanity 3. Scream For Love 4. She's The Ghost 5. Shout 6. We're Gonna Rock You 7. Bad Girls 8. Thoughts9. Master Of Hell10. Metal Fairytale..
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