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CREATURE - Ride The Bullet CD
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Brand: Karthago Catalog Number: KR093
TRACK LISTING:1. Intro2. Nervous Breakdown3. Ride The Bullet4. Can't You Realize5. Don't Believe in Rumors6. Deep Down 'n' Dirty7. L.A.8. Heroes9. Spit10. Bitch Part I11. Bitch Part II12. I Can't Break Out13. Break14. L.O.V.E.15. No Voice Rumors..
12.99€ 14.99€
Brand: Karthago Catalog Number: KR092-HMC028
TRACK LISTING: 1. Down The Hatch 2. I Have Waited 3. Gonna Give Her My Love 4. Lady Of The Night 5. Public Enemy 6. No Time For Thinking 7. Instrumental One 8. Name Of The Game 9. Get Ready..
Brand: Karthago Catalog Number: KR090-HMC020
TRACK LISTING: 1. Chain Around My Heart 2. On Fire 3. Desperate Years 4. Without You 5. Part Of My Life 6. Hot Time 7. Here And Beyond 8. Where Were You9. Michelle10. This Time11. Rivethead Jam12. Other Nights To Cry13. Summertime Girls (Bonus Track)14. Really In Love (Bonus Track)..
Brand: Karthago Catalog Number: KR081-HMDC002
TRACK LISTING: 1. Torture Slave 2. Seed Of Insanity 3. Scream For Love 4. She's The Ghost 5. Shout 6. We're Gonna Rock You 7. Bad Girls 8. Thoughts9. Master Of Hell10. Metal Fairytale..
Brand: Karthago Catalog Number: KR088-HMC025
TRACK LISTING: 1. Don't Want Your Love 2. Let It Burn 3. Caught In The Heartbreak 4. Hot n' Love (She Rocks The Night) 5. Tearin' It Down 6. Hearts On Fire 7. Warning From The Sky 8. World Gone Insane9. No Way Out10. Piece Of Your Love (Bonus Track)11. Swineherd (Bonus Track)..
Brand: Karthago Catalog Number: KR078-HMC019
TRACK LISTING: 1. Quasimodo 2. Pub On Wheels 3. Highway Night Rider 4. White Dog 5. We Are The People 6. I Wish I 7. Get Up 8. Christine9. Goodbye10. Here We Go..
SACRILEGE - Ashes To Ashes CD
-14 %
Brand: Karthago Catalog Number: KR084
TRACK LISTING: 1. The Traveller 2. The Dawn It Dies 3. Rock 'n Roll With The Devil 4. Condemned 5. The Ruler 6. Feeding On The Humans 7. The Fight Back 8. Rulers And Destructors9. Ascension10. Help11. Ashes To Ashes12. The Unknown Soldier13. Gates Of Hell14. Evolution..
11.99€ 13.99€
Brand: Karthago Catalog Number: KR079
TRACK LISTING: 1. Holiday With HH 2. Davi 3. Heavy Metal Party 4. Reggae 5. New York 6. Girl For Hire 7. Good Morning Sir 8. Metal Man9. Good Morning Sir10. We Are Stronger11. Reggae 12. Rough And Rare (Instrumental) 13. Heavy Metal Party..
Brand: Karthago Catalog Number: ZM-0210
Amazing highly inspired heavy metal from Norway. This is the band's second album! TRACK LISTING: 1. Northern Rage 2. Riding the Tundra 3. Wings of Madness 4. Requiem 5. World of Sorrow 6. Into the Fire 7. Back on your Feet 8. Badgers in the Attic 9. Suburban Warrior 10. Tyrant of Extinc..
GALLOWS POLE - Revolution CD
-20 %
Brand: Karthago Catalog Number: CD 784-1835 / KR049
Classic traditional Austrian steel by a band that exists from the early 80's making them one of the first metal groups from that country. This is their latest release in the known classic metal fields. True masters of their metal game! TRACK LISTING: 1. You're In My Way 2. Hell Again 3. Dirty ..
7.99€ 9.99€
Brand: Karthago Catalog Number: CD 784-1627 / KR 045
Fantastic Heavy Metal from Serbias most famous band. A Heavy Metal Opera in the style of ''Operation Mindcrime'' (QUEENSRYCHE) or ''Utopia'' (HEART OF CYGNUS). Great vocals, outstanding songs! Karthago-quality! their second album after ''Heavy Metal Saga''. TRACK LISTING: 1. Prophecy Of Toth 2...
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