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Under Fire

STONE DEMONS - Of Darkness We Are CD
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Brand: Under Fire Catalog Number: Fire dist 003
TRACK LISTING:1. Come From Your Grave - Introduction2. Vargtimmen (The Hour Of The Wolf)3. The Witch4. Purple Haze5. Wicked Woman6. Gothic Cross - Intro7. Haxan (The Craft Of The Witches)8. Mournful Woman - Remixed9. Vampyr10. When The Witches Burn11. The Call Of The Woman12. Vampyr - Soundtrack Ver..
8.99€ 11.99€
Brand: Under Fire Catalog Number: Fire dist 003USED
!ATTENTION! !ATTENTION! !ATTENTION! The disc is checked and plays fine but the paper parts and/or the disc may have scratches, bent edges etc. Please contact us at if you need more info about the condition of the item...
LIVING DEATH - Protected From Reality CD
-21 %
Brand: Under Fire Catalog Number: Fire CD 007-2012
CULT German thrash metal assault!! Contains 2 videos plus Back To The Weapons EP. TRACK LISTING: 1. Horrible Infanticide (Part One) 2. Manila Terror 3. Natures Death 4. Wood Of Necrophiliac 5. Vengeance (Horrible Infancide Part Two)  6. Intruder 7. The Gallery 8. War Of Independence 9. E..
10.99€ 13.99€
Brand: Under Fire Catalog Number: Fire cd 004-2011
TRACK LISTING: 1. The Awakening of the Vampire 2. The Vampire is Back      3. Demon Song          4. In the Darkness          5. Nera Luce          6. The Black House      7. Vampire Witches      8. Selling My Soul          9. Deliria  ..
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