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ASIA, WHITEWING and SOLOMON KANE Box Set and Vinyl Preorder - Friday, October 1st


ELIZIUM - Relief By The Sun CD
-10 %
Brand: STF Catalog Number: STF 107
TRACK LISTING: 1. War In Heaven 2. Nevermore 3. Rotten 4. Violent Flower 5. Relief By The Sun 6. A Tragic End 7. Raven 8. Nemesis 9. Temple Of War 10. Die Alone 11. Nemesis (Accoustic)  ..
8.99€ 9.99€
Brand: STF Catalog Number: STF024CD
Reflection are one of the few Bands that managed it to transport the 80's Metal without loss into the new millenium so both the nostalgic and modern requirements are sufficient! The roots of Reflection lie clearly in the Thrash-Metal range. However the Songs are full of influences of each kind of..
JULIAN'S LULLABY - Dreaming Of Your Fears CD
-30 %
Brand: STF Catalog Number: STF113
Great Greek symphonic power metal band. This is their debut album. TRACK LISTING: 1. Where We Stand There We Fall 2. Scarlet Reign 3. Ocean Of Tears 4. Kiss Me Not Tonight 5. Would It Be? 6. Where Are You? 7. Sand On Your Hands 8. Turn Me To Dust 9. Disinfecting My Heart 10. Just For Th..
6.99€ 9.99€
NIGHTMISSION - No Saints In Black CD
-20 %
Brand: STF Catalog Number: STF 032CD
A new era is beginning! The Dόsseldorf metal band ''Nightmission'' comes back with a new line-up and energy-loaded material. Already in the midst of the 90s Nightmission was one of the most successfull and well known local bands. 1995 they went right to the hearts of their fans with ''Coming over y..
7.99€ 9.99€
-20 %
Brand: STF Catalog Number: STF 114
TRACK LISTING: 1. The Sword 2. Rise Up 3. Conquistadors 4. Seki State 5. Where The Old Gods Sleep 6. Black Shell 7. Dead Cold World 8. Locked In 9. Sentence Divine  ..
7.99€ 9.99€
HER WHISPER - The Great Unifier CD
-30 %
Brand: STF Catalog Number: STF 067
The second album of HER WHISPER is more terrific than the first! Darker, heavier and filled to the brim with the essence that is Her Whisper,their second album makes for an epic metal adventure. Mixed and masteredby supersonic genius Fredrik Groth (The Storyteller) and reinforcedwith a solo sprun..
6.99€ 9.99€
INSANIA - Never 2L84H8 CD
-20 %
Brand: STF Catalog Number: STF 010
Started as a speed-/thrash-metal band, later on refered to bands like Metallica, Iron Maiden, Metal Church or Pretty Maids INSANIA always rely on their roots. TRACK LISTING: 1. The Spirit Is Gone 2. Once United...Twice Divided 3. Set Them Free 2002 4. Trash 5. Greed 6. Masquerade 7. Grey ..
7.99€ 9.99€
ADRENALINE 101 - Twelve Step Program CD
-50 %
Brand: STF Catalog Number: STF 095
After the EP “I should be the one” released in 2007 and numerous concerts and support tours in Europe,Swiss rock newcomers Adrenaline 101 finally introduce their debut album “Twelve Step Program”.A 12 track high energy rock n’ roll record with attitude! Screaching guitars, a punching bass,hard hitti..
4.99€ 9.99€
DARK DESIGN - Time Is An Illusion CD
-20 %
Brand: STF Catalog Number: STF110
Amazing Swedish metal by this great band, that consists of HER WHISPER members. TRACK LISTING: 1. The Awakening 2. Trial And Error 3. Insanity's Mind 4. Paragon Of Virtue 5. A Perfect Destiny 6. Fall Of Man 7. Dead On Arrival 8. Lesser Of Two Evils 9. Queen Of Betrayal 10. Slave Under D..
7.99€ 9.99€
BASTARD - Aftermath CD
-50 %
Brand: STF Catalog Number: STF 091
Death Metal peppered with catchy melodies attacks you like a mangy BASTARD from Hell! For almost 10 years now Bastard walks abroad. Heavy guitars, pumping bass, thundering drums and an abysmal voice determine the sound. From thrashy, old-school to blastbeat-attacks everything is available.Textual..
3.99€ 7.99€
Brand: STF Catalog Number: STF 093
Excellent German melodic heavy that will apply to fans of good hard n' metal music. TRACK LISTING: 1. Now Or Never 2. Wanted 3. Do What You Want 4. Burn Out 5. Fire And Water 6. United Heavy Metal 7. I Want You 8. Holy 9. Stranded On A Sunny Beach 10. Under Dragons 11. Damn Good Times ..
-60 %
Brand: STF Catalog Number: STF 068
TO RESIST FATALITY arranged themself in 2004 in Gφttingen, Germany.Since that time TRF is standing for melodic Death- Metal without Genre- blinders: sometimes blackmetal demoniac, then again progressive coltish, sometimes harmoniously and sometimes brutal, but always with much melody for catchy but ..
3.99€ 9.99€
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