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Remembering Ed Horgan (September 2, 1963 - January 4, 2022)


Brand: Private Catalog Number: HER001
Limited to 100 hand-numbered copies.TRACK LISTING:1. Metal Pounding2. The Fear And Terror (Nemean Lion)3. Buffaloish Meltdown4. The Sack Of Troy (by Hercules)5. In The Path Of Virtue6. Raging Thunder7. Hammer Of Thor8. Man At War9. Peace On Earth+ Troy To Destroy (Sack Of Troy Demo)+ Bonus Alternati..
Brand: Private Catalog Number: WARP005
Progressive rock.TRACK LISTING:1. Roadrunner2. Space Of Freedom3. Checkpoint Tornado4. Fire And Ice5. Destroyer6. Tyrant7. Tour De Force8. Angels Of Fire9. Can't Keep It Down10. Skagerrak (Destroyer Reprise)..
Brand: Private Catalog Number: SH-003 2014
Fine galloping German 80's Metal like old RUNNING WILD! Deep into the 80's! Powerful and very very traditional! TRACK LISTING:1. A Thousandth Part2. Among The Blind3. Cathodic Messiah4. Victimized5. Tortured Mind6. Prelude To Madness (Instrumental)7. Hell (Is What You Make Of It)8. Of Knights And..
Brand: Private Catalog Number: SH-001
Fine galloping German 80's Metal like old RUNNING WILD! Deep into the 80's! Powerful and very very traditional! TRACK LISTING: 1. Century of Wars 2. Knights of Metal Part II 3. Hunting the Storm 4. Darkness My Friend 5. Bitter Fate 6. Prey for Freedom 7. After the Rain  ..
Brand: Private Catalog Number: DT01
Text by STORMSPELL website:90's Bay Area thrash metal combo from San Francisco, featuring Joe Liszt from Ancient Empire, ShadowKiller, Hellhound.This is a genuine vintage stash of the original CD pressing the band made back in the 90s and were recently unearthed from a dusty corner in Joe's attic. L..
Brand: Private Catalog Number: HRCD001
Raw, epic heavy metal from Greece, in the steps of early MANOWAR!Limited to 200 hand-numbered copies!TRACK LISTING:1. Prelude To Victory2. Victory3. Black Panther4. Ghost Rider5. Bastards Crawl With Rock N Roll6. Fearless Fighter7. Indian Child8. Black Curse9. United We Stand (Against False Metal Tr..
Brand: Private Catalog Number: MOM042
DVD "30 Anniversary" on Deluxe Digipack double edition (plus extra CD including first two albums fully remastered and bonus audio material).TRACKLISTING:Victimas, Heroes (Ep 1988)1. Victimas, Heroes2. Unidos de Verdad3. Sida4. El Heavy No Es ViolenciaTodos Juntos (Lp 1988)5. Traicionado6. Volvemos A..
Brand: Private Catalog Number: LLSLRP0021
Instrumental rock/metal guitar showcase.The 1st solo album project by guitar virtuoso Leslie Ripp, former guitarist for the 1983 metal band Rat Attack.Ten original instrumental compositions that will take you on a musical journey showcasing Leslie's rock, metal, blues, guitar playing style and sound..
Brand: Private Catalog Number: EP2019
"Uplifting Metal” consists of 3 highly-energetic and powerful songs that perfectly define In Victory's creative vision, a music experience that will prompt listeners to stand up and break down any obstacle that gets in their way.TRACKLISTING:1. You Are The One2. Hymn Of Absolute Glory3. Our Way..
Brand: Private Catalog Number: CLTSCR001
Dark vocal harmonies collide with epic doom song structures, giving us a killer brand of Belgian heavy metal. Cult of Scarecrow is a relatively new band from Belgium that recently (November 6th 2018), released their first EP on CD and digital format. Balancing between epic doom and heavy metal, with..
Brand: Private Catalog Number: MM005
(features Ray Frigon original founding member and drummer of LEGEND from Connecticut)Miledge Muzic began with a jam in October of 2011. Tom Cranor wanted to try some free-form, jazzier music, found Ray Frigon on a musician's site, got together, and off they went. It was powerful from the very first ..
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