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RISING PAIN - Existence Is Futile CD
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Brand: Private Catalog Number: RP-010
Cool thrash metal act from Phoenix, Arizona. This is their debut CD.TRACK LISTING:1. Existence is futile 2. Forever be crucified 3. Fear of destiny 4. Hatred is divine 5. Bloodbath of lives 6. Searching for reason 7. Fuck the innocent 8. Swollen eyes 9. Nothing's l..
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Brand: Private Catalog Number: NA5567
Great newcoming German death metal perfectly mixing old school and newer elements in their sound.TRACK LISTING:1. Intro 2. Of Man's Defeat 3. Radiative Benediction 4. Flaming Rain 5. Antithesis Of Creation 6. Crypts Of Knowledge 7. See Me No More 8. False Crusade 9...
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BEN KUZAY - Perpetual Reign CD
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Brand: Private Catalog Number: NOT AVAILABLE
Ben Kuzay is one of the world's leading instrumental bassists, and forerunner of the 'bass-shred' movement. His second album, Perpetual Reign, hit stores June 21st, 2009, and is the first album ever to feature as its format lead bass with metal accompaniment. Kuzay is already credited with influenci..
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