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GREY WOLF - Grey Wolf CD

GREY WOLF - Grey Wolf CD
GREY WOLF - Grey Wolf CD

Volume #14 from the highly coveted TREND KILLERS Series: From the Brazilian wastelands of Minas Gerais, this is a sword & sorcery laden epic metal, heavily inspired by Robert E. Howard and anything barbarian. Recommended for fans of IRONSWORD, BATTLEROAR, RAVENSIRE, CIRITH UNGOL, DOOMSWORD, IRON MAIDEN, VIKING ERA BATHORY (Hammerheart circa), MANOWAR.

1. Forging A Cimmerian Sword
2. Golden Axe
3. King Kull
4. By The Power Of Crom
5. The Elephant Tower
6. North Winds
7. 300
8. A Night Of Fun
9. The Frost Giant's Daughter
10. Grey Wolf

Product Details
Band Grey Wolf
Format CD
Year 2015
Packaging Type Jewel Case
Number of Discs 1

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