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BY FIRE AND SWORD - Glory CD (Pre-Order)

BY FIRE AND SWORD - Glory CD (Pre-Order)
BY FIRE AND SWORD - Glory CD (Pre-Order)

BY FIRE AND SWORD from Boise, Idaho, USA, present the debut full-length "Glory", and they're here to spread the riff gospel of glory, vengeance, fury and the battle for your soul. Recommended for fans of ORDEN OGAN, VISIGOTH, GATEKEEPER, THRONE OF IRON, BLOODBOUND, and BLIND GUARDIAN.

The First Holy Church of the Children of Light spreads a message of glory and love like a sword sunk deep into the belly of the dark beast. By fire and sword they wage war upon darkness itself. Led by the Honorable Reverend Tim Tom Jones, their epic brand of almighty metal stands as a fiery beacon of hope. They’re marching an army of the worthy into the ever loving light. Will you join the fight?

Available: September 22nd, 2023.

1. Leave a Little Room
2. Fear and Trembling
3. The Feast
4. Tap the Conduit
5. Tithe (The Money Song)
6. Glory, Love and Light!
7. A Moment of Silent Reflection
8. Mind, Body, Soul (Total War)
9. The Flood
10. Dear Reverend (Please Take My Hand)

Product Details
Band By Fire And Sword
Format CD
Year 2023
Packaging Type / Attributes Jewel Case
Number of Discs 1

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