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SCARECROW - Condemned To Be Doomed Vinyl LP

SCARECROW - Condemned To Be Doomed Vinyl LP
SCARECROW - Condemned To Be Doomed Vinyl LP
Interchangeable, pleasing metal albums may ignite immediately and inspire enthusiasm in the first few days after purchase, but the records that you first have to deal with - more or less - are often really sustainable. "Condemned To Be Doomed" by the German band SCARECROW, who mixed technical thrash with crossover (DRI, etc.) in an idiosyncratic way, is such an album and so the first re-release is again demanding fodder for explorers and advanced.

SCARECROW emerged from the crossover band BEATFIX in 1987 and quickly recorded a demo that is now lost. But one song from it ("Repression") made it onto the compilation "German Metal Fighters, Vol. 2" (which also features Tempest and Poison Asp) from the iconic D&S label. After a few line-up changes, they decided to continue taking matters into their own hands and produced the LP Condemned To Be Doomed in 1988 (two editions of 500 copies each). Two more 7" EPs followed, which of course can also be found on this CD. Guitarist Jens Ribow later appeared with MP and Lazzer, singer Thomas Haller built up a punk and alternative mail order that is still active today with Weed Productions, later (and still today) Flight13.

The LP, which is quite rare today (especially the version with the cover picture in black and white) was recorded by Patrick Engel (High Roller, Metal Blade etc.), while the two singles were available as DAT tapes around which Eroc (rough cut) has taken care of. The collected material was subsequently remastered by Neudi. In addition to liner notes (current interview with the band), the booklet contains many rare photos and other illustrations.

If you like technical thrash with a punk/HC touch, you can't avoid “Condemned To Be Doomed”!

Includes bonus CD.

Side A:
1. Condemned To Be Doomed - Part 1
2. In The Beginning
3. I Owe You...
4. Nuclear Radiation
Side B
1. Personal Problems
2. Condemned To Be Doomed - Part 2
3. Eternity
Product Details
Band Scarecrow
Format LP
Year 2023
Number of Discs 1

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