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CANDLEMASS - Green Valley Live Black Vinyl 2LP

CANDLEMASS - Green Valley Live Black Vinyl 2LP
CANDLEMASS - Green Valley Live Black Vinyl 2LP
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After over 35 years of existence, Candlemass still stand tall as true heavy metal greats & kings of doom, in the footsteps of their influences, Black Sabbath. The band is renowned for the genre-defining masterpieces "Epicus Doomicus Metallicus" (1986) & "Nightfall" (1987), with Candlemass still thrilling an ever-devoted and expanding legion of fans to this day.

Following a year where most live activity has not been possible, "Green Valley Live" features the band’s "lockdown" session (their only 2020 show, and first ever live streamed event), with the line-up of Johan Längqvist (vocals), Mats Björkman (guitar), Lars Johansson (guitar), Leif Edling (bass) & Jan Lindh (drums) delivering their crushing sound for the masses. The release contains numerous classic Candlemass doom anthems in the shape of "Well of Souls", "Mirror Mirror", "Betwitched" and others from the band’s legendary first four albums, as well as the titanic "Astorolus" from the band’s latest opus.

Side A
1. Well Of Souls
2. Dark Reflections
3. Mirror Mirror
4. Ancient Dreams
Side B
1. Astorolus
2. Bewitched
3. Dark Are The Veils Of Death
Side C
1. Under The Oak
2. A Sorcerer's Pledge
Side D
1. Doom Jam
2. Solitude
3. Demon's Gate (Soundcheck Bonus)

Product Details
Band Candlemass
Format LP
Year 2021
Number of Discs 2

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