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MILLENNIUM - The Sign Of Evil Vinyl LP

MILLENNIUM - The Sign Of Evil Vinyl LP
MILLENNIUM - The Sign Of Evil Vinyl LP

MILLENNIUM were formed in 1982 in England.

In 1984 they released their same-titled debut album, a classic British heavy metal record of the '80s, often mentioned next to New Wave of British Heavy Metal and post-NWOBHM legendary albums from bands such as SPARTAN WARRIOR, ELIXIR, TYTAN, BLIND FURY and CLOVEN HOOF.

After that album, MILLENNIUM recorded many demo tapes, enough to create another album, changing to a more powerful and aggressive path but the band split in late '80s.

The "Millennium" album, originally released on vinyl only in 1984, was reissued on CD format by No Remorse Records in 2014 including 8 bonus tracks, and during that period the band was reunited since there was a demand for live shows.

In 2016 No Remorse Records also released "Caught in a Warzone" on CD and vinyl, including the rest of the unreleased '80s recordings of MILLENNIUM.

After that, MILLENNIUM kept going and released two more studio albums, "Awakening" (2017) and "A New World" (2019).

Having completed an album that sounds so powerful and their best since the debut, MILLENNIUM joined No Remorse Records again. "The Sign of Evil" is a riff-driven, aggressive, traditional heavy metal album, recommended for fans of bands such as SATAN, AVENGER and SAXON.

Limited edition of 200 copies on black vinyl.

Available: May 19th, 2023.

Side A:
1. There is a Devil
2. Hell is My Home
3. The Sign of Evil
4. Hell on Earth
5. No Redemption
Side B:
1. Thy Kingdom Come
2. Fall from Grace
3. Nightmares
4 .March of the Damned

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Band Millenium
Format LP
Year 2023
Number of Discs 1

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