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THE WRATH - Pedal To The Metal CD

THE WRATH - Pedal To The Metal CD
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THE WRATH - Pedal To The Metal CD
Limited Edition 500 Handnumbered CDs (ASR CD-081)

Back in the early to mid-80s the Heavy Metal scene of Los Angeles, California, was something huge and remarkable. Hundreds of new bands, mainly inspired by the success of the European Heavy Metal movement, were making their first but serious steps, giving shape to the first US Metal core. Formed back in 1984, THE WRATH was one of those bands.

In 1985 the band recorded a demo of four songs. This demo gained the attention of Metal Blade Records and the track “Midnight Madman” was featured on the "Metal Massacre 9" compilation that was released in 1988 (after the band had split up). This was the first and last official release to feature THE WRATH moniker.

In 1986 the band recorded 5 more demo songs on their own "Wrathful Studio" before they finally split up in 1987.

Through the years, both the 1985 demo songs and the "Wrathful Studio" 1986 recordings were spread among tape traders, metal fans and collectors. Everyone was trying to find some info about those songs and the band, but THE WRATH had disappeared...

Completing a new impossible mission, the Arkeyn Steel Records team has managed to track down the band arranging an official release of their complete recordings.

From the very early stages of this official release project, one of our main goals was to ensure the best possible audio source to work with. Of course the various third and fourth generation tapes including the band's songs in terrible sound quality were out of question. At first the band provided us with VHS tapes that included the final stereo mixes of the songs. Some months later and while we were almost in the middle of the audio processing, the band informed us that they had discovered the original multitrack master tapes of the songs. Without a second thought about the extra time and cost, we decided to work from scratch, using those multitrack tapes as source. A studio in New York was found, the transfer of the audio from the analog tapes to digital format was made, and some weeks later Kostas Scandalis started a massive remixing and mastering process, offering the best possible sound quality that this (recorded 37 years ago) material could have.  

Meanwhile Kostas Athanasoglou started a huge restoration of every single photo and visual memorabilia that the band had kept in storage, shaping a very special artwork and front cover, based on the band's original skullhammer trademark.

For the bio, Chris Papadakis captured each and every possible piece of information that the band had to share, bringing to the front some details that will really surprise all those that worship the golden age of US Metal.

THE WRATH was one of the most inspired and powerful bands of the Los Angeles Heavy Metal scene. Due to bad timing their songs were never released officially, remaining in the vaults. Through this release Arkeyn Steel Records is fixing an important mistake in Heavy Metal history, offering the band a well-deserved full length and a place in the Heavy Metal pantheon.


Available: May 26th, 2023.

1. Number #1
2. Midnight Madman
3. Prison
4. State Of Mind
5. Bone Crusher
6. Behind The Wheel
7. Pedal To The Metal
8. Children Of The Night
9. Bombs Away

Tracks 1-4: Unreleased Demo 1985
Tracks 5-9: Unreleased Demo 1986
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Band The Wrath
Format CD
Year 2023
Packaging Type / Attributes Jewel Case
Number of Discs 1

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