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LUNARIUM - Journeys, Fables & Lore CD

LUNARIUM - Journeys, Fables & Lore CD
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LUNARIUM - Journeys, Fables & Lore CD

LUNARIUM comes roaring out of the wild, pagan forests and murky shadows of Europe's past as a fresh, new force on the traditional metal stage. A wild, frenzied combination of ancestral folk music, epic tales, andsword-swinging power metal is set against a backdrop of folklore,mythology, protest, and mighty battles.

''In a digital age, this CD is definitely worth the investment. ThePagan Power Metal of Lunarium is alluring and inspired. Wake up to thesounds of divine hi-fidelity and fealty.'' - Michael ''MettleAngle''Francisco, Metal Covenant.

''If you like your metal lively and folky but still with a solidgrounding in the old school sound then this is for you... Lunarium are aband who blend Celtic, and other European musical motifs withtraditional heavy metal and do a damn fine job!'' - Ian O'Sullivan,From the Irish Metal band ''Hallowed'' (Peer Review)

''The CD inlay reads much like an inscribed tablet you would find in theMiddle Ages, complete with Lunarium historical significance, personalattributes and a lengthy thank you/credit list that's worthy of theearly metal times. Fortunately for the band the musical presentationlives up to the outside'' - Matt Coe, Norwegian Metalzine ''IMHOTEP''

''Stripped-down folk metal of this sort can be a refreshing alternativeto the more extravagant bands in the genre, and this 'Falcensiferum'sound makes for an on-the-whole excellent debut release from both theband and label.'' - Craig B, Metal CD Ratings

''What we have here is an album of pure power metal...'' - FractalMetal Reviews
1. Warcry
2. Death Rides (On Winged Glory)
3. Sea Dragons
4. The Divine Infidelity Of A False Prophet
5. Heritage Taken
6. Liberation
7. Hail The Fallen
8. Brothers In Arms
9. Feast Of Sargonnas
10. 1066
11. Elizabeth's Song
12. The Waymen
13. Ale
14. Luna's Wake
15. Trollslayer

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Band Lunarium
Format CD
Year 2008
Packaging Type / Attributes Jewel Case
Number of Discs 1

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