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COMMANDMENT - Engraved In Stone CD

COMMANDMENT - Engraved In Stone CD
COMMANDMENT - Engraved In Stone CD

Eventually, after a long term period of continuous discussions with the band, Arkeyn Steel Records managed to obtain the rights to release one of the best US power metal bands. Initially, the band’s project was to release this CD private somewhere in the late 2007 but right after Arkeyn Steel’s suggestion for totally digital re-master, new artwork and worldwide distribution, Commandment change their view and trust this gem to company’s hands! Commandment, together with Slauter Xstroyes (fellows from the same city), were one of Chicago’s premier power metal bands although they were only playing for four years, from 1986 to 1990.

Their story begins when Johnny and Mike meet Dave Marshall (the original first singer before Dave Nava). The bass player Kevin Clayton is in no time found as he is playing with Dave Marshall in the group before joining Commandment. They start working on their own songs and so they record one demo tape called “Law of the Streets” containing 6 tracks. With this line-up Commandment work for about a year. The next change of the band is on the 18th of September 1987 when Dave Nava takes Dave Marshall’s place as a singer. The songs come together quickly and they become the winners of the Z-Rock radio demo contest in the end of 1987. This earns them free air play rotation for a month on Z-Rock. This leads to Commandment signing with Amethyst Records just to release “Engraved in Stone” in the fall of 1988.

Company’s goal is to put on the market a forerunner of an oncoming album so as to promote the band and be known to the audience. So, a 7” EP with 2 tracks (Oriental Maiden, Engraved in Stone) and without cover is released in the early 1989 (with a small delay as it was supposed to be out in the end of 1988). While Amethyst Records has not released not even the first album of Commandment, they are supposed to give their money to record the follow up recording called “No Mercy” in the fall of 1989!! Of course this never happens and the band gets tired of waiting, so they start spending their own money for the record. They are real tight on money at the time. They have their cassette “Engraved in Stone” for sale at all of the shows….but that’s why they want to sign to a label to get that extra support they need. They get to the mixing part before they ran out of money. At this point Amethyst Records goes out of business. “No Mercy” album is tracked and rough mixed but never finished. The musical climate starts to change in 1990 and Commandment can’t find another label to release their work something that leads to the demise of Commandment in 1990.

This MASTERPIECE OF U.S. METAL is limited to 1000 hand-numbered copies.

1. Oriental Maiden
2. Virgin White
3. Crystal Ball
4. Eyes Of Fire
5. Never Be Afraid
6. Take No Prisoners
7. Olos Ratiug
8. Light In The Dark
9. Claws Of Death
10. Sands Of Time
11. Engraved In Stone

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Band Commandment
Format CD
Year 2009
Packaging Type Jewel Case
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