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VA - The Best & The Rare Of GAMA Records CD

VA - The Best & The Rare Of GAMA Records CD
VA - The Best & The Rare Of GAMA Records CD
Text by ZYX Records:

(Hard Rock & Heavy Metal 1980-1989)
- Double CD, Jewelcase
- 20 pages booklet including rare photos and liner notes
- Four songs of 38 for the first time on CD
- All recordings for this double CD remastered
In the eighties GAMA from Kirchheim/Teck (Germany) was considered one of the most important labels for a new scene in Germany: Heavy Metal! Together with companies like Earthshaker, Wishbone or Mausoleum they provided quality according to the motto "small but nice" and could never assert themselves in the press like the big ones.
Nevertheless, names like Stormwitch, Darkness or SDI are still well known today - or to be more precise: Today more than ever!
A lot has happened since GAMA and their labels Scratch, SL-Records, Sri Lanca, Hot Blood, Wave, Camel, Scratchcore and Tales Of Thrash disappeared in 1990 and were exploited by budget companies like WZ and Laserlight Digital in the following years, which initially damaged the reputation of some bands. A new metal scene celebrates the oldschool sound of the eighties and has already discovered the repertoire of the cult company from Kirchheim/Teck in the early 2000s. Records, which were found in rummage boxes for 1€ before, suddenly rose in price and became rarities.
Bands like SDI, Stormwitch or Necronomicon rock the stages again and meet a new generation of fans. In South America and Eastern Europe there are real GAMA fan clubs. In Brazil a book was written about the long-faded company ("Cry Out For Metal").

THE BEST AND THE RARE OF GAMA RECORDS is an almost self-explanatory title.
Beside the better known acts like Stormwitch, Gravestone, Tyrant, SDI, Darkness, Paul DiAnno's Battlezone or Killer, you can also find completely forgotten metal pearls like Renegade, Maniac and Midnight Darkness among the 38 songs.
But the compilation goes even one step further and features several bands from the early years of GAMA, 1980 and 1981: Piledriver, Floating Opera, Poker and Requiem (all for the first time on CD).

Thus "krauty hard rock" is still combined with speed and thrash metal on this rollercoaster ride through the eighties! Fasten your seatbelt and let’s rock!

1. Intro: PETER GARATTONI - Thunderstorm
2. RENEGADE - Renegade
3. TOX - Prince Of Darkness
4. TYRANT - Free For All
5. SPHINX - 666
6. VAMPYR - Mercy Killing
7. VETO - Cathargo
8. TNT - Friday Is Payday
9. PILEDRIVER - Hard Labor
10. DARKNESS - Armageddon
11. GRAVESTONE - For A Girl
12. MANIAC - Dressed To Kill
13. REQUIEM - On This Earth (Parts 1 And 2)
14. NOISEHUNTER - Necromancer
15. POKER - No Compromise
16. STARSTRUCK - Rock Salad (Rock Solid)
17. STRANGER - Wheels
19. CARRION - Evil Is There
20. P.G. BAND - Magic Circle (Edit)

1. SDI - Coming Again / Sign Of The Wicked
2. BEAST - call girl
3. STORMWITCH - Walpurgis Night
4. FLOATING OPERA - Fading Heroes
5. DEAD BALLERINAS - Trust Me & Marry Me Young
6. SUDDEN DARKNESS - Born By Accident (2nd Mix)
8. UPROAR - One And Only
9. NO TROUBLE - Watch Out
10. KILLER - Young Blood
12. SACRIFICE - Little Killer Man
13. TYRAN PACE - Knives And Bones
14. SIX POINT SIX - Starfighter
15. SERGEANT - Movin'
16. VECTOM - Black Viper
17. NECRONOMICON - Bloody Revenge
Bonus Track:
18. SUDDEN DARKNESS - Silent End (With Vocals)
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Band Various Artists
Format CD
Year 2020
Packaging Type / Attributes Jewel Case
Number of Discs 2

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