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FATE'S HAND - Fate's Hand Black Vinyl LP

FATE'S HAND - Fate's Hand Black Vinyl LP
FATE'S HAND - Fate's Hand Black Vinyl LP
Text by DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS official site.

DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present the striking self-titled debut EP by FATE’S HAND on CD and 12” vinyl formats. 
With the roar of parting waves and the call of a thousand ravens, Australian heavy metal thunders into new being, bearing the ever-ominous moniker FATE’S HAND. Reverberating opuses, wrought straight from tales lost in time but ever-present in the blood of fellow men, across the band’s self-titled debut EP does visceral melody grasp tightly on the spear of classic heavy metal, hearkening to the genre’s progenitors and in the same breath taunting, daring the very same gods. In a word, Fate’s Hand is both old and new, surprising and unsurpassed. 

Perhaps not surprising is the fact that FATE’S HAND comprises various members from Australia’s esteemed extreme metal scene, such heavyweights as Mongrel’s Cross, Impetuous Ritual, and Stargazer. While the same peerless standards of quality run rampant across the band’s debut statement, this formation are their own masters, and empowered as such, FATE’S HAND deftly draw from the primordial well of Northern lore and attack in a savage foray of traditionalist heavy metal. And this is but the mere start of battles to be waged… 

Expect less and your life is forfeit. FATE’S HAND draw first sword! 

- Regular edition on black vinyl, with insert, poster, sticker, postcard and download code.
- Special edition on golden vinyl, with insert, poster, sticker, postcard download code and patch.

- MCd edition with sticker.

Out 30th July

1. Fate's Hand
2. Fascination
3. What's Been Will Be Again
4. When The Wolf Comes

Denimal –Vocals (Calls to Arms)
Gjöll –LeadGuitar, Bass (Ripping by Steel)
Raghallaigh–Lead Guitar (Tearing the Veil)
Langley–Drums (War Marches)
Product Details
Band Fate's Hand
Format LP
Year 2021
Number of Discs 1

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