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EXPLODER - Pictures Of Reality... Vinyl LP

EXPLODER - Pictures Of Reality... Vinyl LP
EXPLODER - Pictures Of Reality... Vinyl LP
2022 vinyl reissue. Originally released in 1989.

Exploder were one of the German metal bands who, after a demo in 1987, took fate into their own hands and produced their own LP. "Pictures Of Reality" is the name of the impressive result, which was released in 1988 on Rockwerk Records, the label that the rock musicians association made available to the bands, including the label code. The partly epic metal, which also likes to go in the direction of speed metal, would have had a chance with one of the relevant companies (Noise, Steamhammer, Roadrunner etc.) before traditional metal got into trouble in the nineties. In addition to the very expressive vocals, this is also ensured by an incredibly professional production (for an own pressing). There isn't typical "Teuton steel" every second, because the material is reminiscent of US bands like Omen or Liege Lord for long stretches. In addition, two songs break the eight-minute mark.

Side A
1. Exploder
2. Xenophobia
3. Fear Of The Cold
4. King Of The Sky
Side B
1. Mercenary
2. Berlin
3. Wasted Life
Product Details
Band Exploder
Format Vinyl
Year 2022
Number of Discs 1

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