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TARAMIS - Queen Of Thieves Vinyl LP

TARAMIS - Queen Of Thieves Vinyl LP
TARAMIS - Queen Of Thieves Vinyl LP
Taramis started out as Prowler in 1982, hitting clubs in Melbourne, Australia with covers of Iron Maiden and other heroes. As so often, they decided to write their own songs, which ended up on the 1984 demo "Blood & Honour". Now you only had to put down the name reminiscent of Iron Maiden and from then on called yourself Taramis. In 1987 the debut "Queen Of Thieves" was released on the small label Metal For Melbourne (actually a record store). The included songs have their very own magic and the material is often compared to epic metal. Emotionally charged acoustic parts alternate with powerful Heavy Metal and all this with a very virtuoso playing style.

However, the budget for the recording was so small that the LP is often referred to as a diamond in the rough. But that also has its very own charm, which albums by bands like Manilla Road or Satan's Host still prove today. After all, the album was licensed by Metal Blade Records in 1988 (with different cover artwork). Roadrunner Records followed suit for Europe in the same year. Nevertheless, "Queen Of Thieves" remained an insider tip for connoisseurs.

After a few line-up changes, Taramis emerged in 1991 with a second album. This time the German company Rising Sun secured the rights (in Australia the label was Metal For Melbourne again) and released "Stretch Of The Imagination" on CD and LP. The changed style in the direction of progressive metal (with thrash influences) won new fans, but the label could not adequately promote the Australians. Also in 1991 a different wind was blowing musically. Taramis disbanded, but reunite infrequently to play sporadic gigs for their still-large fanbase.

For the first time, the LP is now available as a remastered re-release (both albums had previously been released by Golden Core as double CDs with bonus tracks). The cover is the Australian original of the first pressing.

Side A:
1. Lord Of The Blackfields
2. Doesn't Seem
3. The Chosen
4. Path To Aquilonia
Side B
1. Queen Of Thieves
2. Without A Warning
3. Wolves
4. My Life
Product Details
Band Taramis
Format LP
Year 2022
Number of Discs 1

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