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EMOTIONAL SUICIDE - Emotional Suicide Vinyl LP

EMOTIONAL SUICIDE - Emotional Suicide Vinyl LP
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EMOTIONAL SUICIDE - Emotional Suicide Vinyl LP
For fans of Satan/Pariah, early Metallica, Megadeth and Marshall Law.

Special vinyl mastering, LP with printed insert.

Most of the album was recorded LIVE IN THE STUDIO! Produced by “Jono” (Gary Moore et al)

The original 1993 CD was once used for promotional purposes only! The Golden Core CD re-release got an 8.5/10 in Deaf Forever, as well as numerous other good reviews and interviews.
After the US band FATHOM NAGG, the Golden Core label has once again managed to present an album that even insiders and the most extreme collectors are not familiar with: the CD of the same name by the English EMOTIONAL SUICIDE, released in 1993, self-released and primarily used for promotional purposes. The group's early dissolution (1994) and original cover artwork reminiscent of a Sisters Of Mercy album didn't help despite airplay on the BBC's Friday Night Rock Show. And so this musical treasure remained on the seabed of heavy metal for a long time...until April 2022!

Emotional Suicide was formed in 1992 by Mark (Witty) Whitlock, Bud Rogers and Jase Manning after playing together on The Cut. Drummer Mark Thorman (Big Brother) joined and the plan to make heavier music than previous bands went ahead. After a few demos, the slightly different oriented “The Word” EP was recorded. The song "It" turned out to be trend-setting and later ended up on the debut, which was recorded in March 1993. In just seven days they created an organic, addictive album with producer Jono (including Gary Moore), which is not easy to classify stylistically. The vocals are reminiscent of Michael Jackson from Pariah/Satan at times, while the riffing circles the Metallica/Megadeth school here and there.

Together with the band, this re-release was given a new cover artwork and the overall design differs slightly from the other Golden Core reissues. Here the terms “ReRelese” and “new album” mix in an unusual way, since almost nobody knows the original… The album was remastered under the watchful ears of the Neudi band members and was subsequently commissioned by Vadim Kulin (ZYX Studio) for Vinyl mastered. The LP contains a printed insert.

Side A:
1. Keep Your Demon Down
2. A Dead Man's Tale
3. Emotional Suicide
4. Back For More
5. Resolution
Side B:
1. Temporary Insanity
2. Sweet Revenge
3. The Joker Cries Too
4. It
5. Sacred Time
Product Details
Band Emotional Suicide
Format LP
Year 2022
Number of Discs 1

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