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HAMMERS RULE - Show No Mercy Vinyl LP + 7"

HAMMERS RULE - Show No Mercy Vinyl LP + 7"
HAMMERS RULE - Show No Mercy Vinyl LP + 7"

For a long time it seemed impossible that this gem of US Metal would officially be re-released. Even before Golden Core, labels got in touch with the three former band members who were still alive, but only refusals rained down. "We just eventually got along on a completely different level than purely business and after many discussions we got the green light and experienced a very friendly negotiation phase," reports Golden Core A&R Neudi, who is himself a fan of the long-defunct Baltimore group. but also musicians.

Hammers Rule (the name comes from Iron Maiden's first LP thanks list) were just over the top! They financed an impressive stage show with all sorts of effects and tailor-made leather outfits before even a sound carrier was on the market. When no major label took the bait (still almost normal in 1984), they had no interest in handing over the material to an independent company and (as Tangent Records) produced a complete album themselves with the support of Web (including Satans Host). : "Show No Mercy". The first edition on white vinyl sold very well, but only reached a few import stores in Europe. This also applies to the EP "After The Bomb", which was released under similar conditions a year later. This contained two new tracks (and two from the LP). Nevertheless, there were numerous enthusiastic reactions from Germany and so a compilation of the LP and the EP was licensed under the name "After The Bomb" to the German company with probably the worst reputation in the industry: Metal Enterprises! Insiders like to joke "So the label finally had something good!", but Hammers Rule was in no mood to laugh when a set of demo tracks was offered as a second album unbeknownst to them. Even today, the musicians vehemently distance themselves from this illegal product (LP and CD) and on this re-release we respect the wish of the former members to let this annoying chapter rest. You can read the whole story in the liner notes.

Hammers Rule didn't want to commit themselves to the degree of heaviness and thus cover an enormously wide spectrum of US metal. While the first four tracks fall somewhere between epic, heavy and speed metal (as do the two EP tracks "Kamikaze" and "Stop The World"), the B-side of the original LP was a bit more accessible and also goes well with the high Hairspray consumption in the eighties. But these pieces are also full of energy and playfulness. One of the reasons is the incredibly good rhythm section made up of drummer Chuck Hohn (with only one bass drum!!) and bassist Shaun Henley. The two musicians operated very easily on a level like Steve Harris and Nicko McBrain (Iron Maiden). In addition, the bass impressively replaces a second guitar with its powerful playing and presence in the mix.

But one of the most important arguments is that metal fans worldwide have been waiting for a re-release for many years. The LP comes with a bonus 7" single which includes the two tracks from the "After The Bomb" EP that were not already on the album.

Remastered reissue. Incl. insert and bonus 7".

Side A:
1. Prelude / The Calm Before The Storm
2. After The Bomb
3. Pool Of Piranhas
4. Castle Walls
5. Hammers Rule
Side B:
1. If You Only Knew
2. Set Me Free
3. She's A Rocker
4. Little Girls
5. Sex Drugs And Rock-N-Roll
7" Single
Side C:
1. Kamikaze - Mission Of Death
Side D:
1.  Stop The World

Product Details
Band Hammers Rule
Format LP
Year 2023
Number of Discs 2

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