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CLAYMOREAN - Eulogy For The Gods Vinyl LP

CLAYMOREAN - Eulogy For The Gods Vinyl LP
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CLAYMOREAN - Eulogy For The Gods Vinyl LP
The third studio album by the Serbian band CLAYMOREAN around singer Dejana Garcevic was already released on CD by Stormspell Records, USA, in September 2021. Here are just a few quotes from the reviews, all of which speak for this masterpiece:

"I'm completely flattened by this powerful work. For me it's already one of the big highlights of 2021 and it doesn't matter whether you're into Euro, US, Epic or Doom Metal. CLAYMOREAN unite everything on this. Super musicians, super music - super album!" (Ralf, Neckbreaker Magazin - 10/10 points)

"Album number five is the strongest in the Serbs' oeuvre to date and should bring the band many new supporters among fans of VISIGOTH, DOOMSWORD, ELVENSTORM and yes, CRYSTAL VIPER." (Fabian, Metal Inside Magazin)

“We are facing an epic heavy metal in every sense of the word; the voice of its vocalist Dejana Betsa Gar?evi? is one of the most interesting features in Claymorean music; it transits through a scraped and clean timbre that without any problem reaches high notes, evolves perfectly according to the songs.” (Metal Rules Magazine)

"If you love Manilla Road and '80s female-fronted traditional metal such as Chastain or Warlock, Eulogy for the Gods is going to be right up your alley." (The Metal Crypt Magazine)

"'Eulogy...' is an album packed full of battle-ready songs with enough cheese to feed the Great Heathen Horde itself and if this is the sort of genre which tickles your fancy, then complete the quest, your reward is one of the best epic power metal albums of the year.” (

"Yes, there are still bands that continue old metal traditions!" (Saitenkult Magazin)

This release has a misprint on the outer spine where it's printed "Eulogy Of The Gods" instead of "Eulogy For The Gods".

Side A
1. Hunter Of The Damned
2. Battle In The Sky
3. The Burning Of Rome (Cry For Pompeii)
4. Lords Of Light
Side B
1. In The Tombs Of Atuan
2. Mystical Realm (Deorum In Absentia)
3. Spirit Of Merciless Time
4. Blood Of The Dragon
Product Details
Band Claymorean
Format LP
Year 2022
Number of Discs 1

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