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MORBID JESTER - Until The Battle Is Won Vinyl LP

MORBID JESTER - Until The Battle Is Won Vinyl LP
MORBID JESTER - Until The Battle Is Won Vinyl LP
Morbid Jester This gem of German metal art was released on CD in 1994 and was produced by SL Coe at Dust Studios. Die-hard Metal fans should be familiar with the same person as the singer on the second LP by ANGEL DUST and SCANNER. Around 2000 copies of the in-house production (!) could be sold, including many copies in Greece and Japan. Appearances with SAXON, among others, were only a logical consequence. In what was a bad decade for classic Heavy Metal from Doom to Thrash, MORBID JESTER persevered and followed through with another self-production before line-up changes. Nevertheless, the group is still active (recent album Something Wicked from 2016).

Until The Battle Is Won

Also in 1994 good and exciting, traditional metal albums were recorded, while "out there" grunge and crossover raged. Morbid Jester from Herborn started out as MILZBRAND in 1988 and initially played punk. But the love for heavy metal prevailed among the members, so that in 1992 they recorded the first demo as MORBID JESTER, which sold more than 400 copies regionally. The press also reacted more than positively, so that the next step was the first own album: "Until The Battle Is Won".

On "Until The Battle Is Won" MORBID JESTER combine elements of German Metal with US Metal precision, which makes for a very unique mix. The transparent yet powerful production lets the song material shine. The respectful remastering for this re-release brings all the benefits a step further. Since the original CD is on the way to becoming an expensive rarity, this new version comes just in time.

Side A:
1. In Cooperation
2. Revenge
3. Go Away
4. Souldoctor
Side B:
1. In The Night
2. No Name City
3. Another Life
4. Warriors
5. Until The Battle Is Won
Product Details
Band Morbid Jester
Format LP
Year 2022
Number of Discs 1

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