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SUDDEN DARKNESS - A German Thrash Story 2CD

SUDDEN DARKNESS - A German Thrash Story 2CD
SUDDEN DARKNESS - A German Thrash Story 2CD

When the internet spawned the first pages of heavy metal around the turn of the millennium, some collectors noticed that there was a gap in GAMA Records' discography (Stormwitch, Tyrant, SDI, Darkness, Tokyo Blade and many more) in 1988. Only band name and title were known: Sudden Darkness and their LP "Fear Of Reaity". A little later it came out that the record was not released in the completed form, but as a test pressing. The band from the Vorderpfalz received twelve copies, most of which were given away to friends while they waited in frustration for the "real release" that should have burst them out of the regional band's corset. Sudden Darkness split up and were subsequently joined by bassist Guido Holzmann (later, among others, Century, Giant's Causeway) and drummer Neudi (later, among others, Manilla Road, Savage Grace, Roxxcalibur, Trance, Jameson Raid and many more) as the Economist with a new singer and guitarist continued. The entire output of this group was released by Golden Core in January 2021 as a double CD under the name "Iceflowered" (GCR20148-2).

Sudden Darkness started out in the Ludwigshafen area as the typical, regional hard rock band, which, in addition to a few cover versions, also performed their own songs. Only guitarist Volker Faust and singer Marcus Beringer liked the new bands, which devoted themselves to speed metal and later to thrash. The two teenagers Guido Holzmann (bass) and Neudi (drums) had just given up their extreme metal project Reptile (and that in 1985...) when they joined Sudden Darkness. Already the first demo tape "Lord Nightmare" had a genuine speed number at the start with "Living In Sin". The second guitarist Jaro Krnac didn't like this orientation at all and Sudden Darkness became a quartet. The first performance took place in 1986 in a well-filled sports hall as a headliner (!). Mercus Beringer broke his right knee on the second song and ended the show sitting down. When he left the group, there were various demos and singer changes. And the style already turned to thrash with the regional hit (no exaggeration!) "Satanic Butcher". The demo “Fear Of Reality”, which was initially recorded with Neudi on vocals (unreleased versions can be found on this CD!), featured metalpunk Alki (RIP) as the new frontman. And finally this tape provided the long-awaited record deal. GAMA Records was awarded the contract and immediately sent the young quartet to the Zuckerfabrik Studios in Stuttgart. Here the debut "Fear Of Reality" was recorded, which unfortunately did not appear.

A double CD with material by Sudden Darkness and Economist was released in the USA in 2014, and in 2016 the German company Diabolic Might followed up with a vinyl of "Fear Of Reality". In Europe, the CD was only available as an import and has long since been sold out. In the meantime, drummer Neudi was able to track down further, rare material, so that the double CD on Golden Core can now offer almost all of the band's recordings in restored form. A highlight is the first, unreleased mix of the LP, which GAMA hastily sent to a few press people only as a tape. The most important thing is of course the LP "Fear Of Reality", which only "appeared" as a test pressing and recently changed hands on Discogs for 949 euros... FEAR OF REALITY (Album, 1988)

Fear Of Reality
1. Frecce Tricolori (Burning Flesh)
2. Devil Dope
3. Deathless
4. Fear Of Reality
5. Born By Accident
6. Thrash Up
7. Government (Go Home)
8. Silent End
Fear Of Reality (Unreleased First Mix Promotape 1988)
9. Fear of Reality
10. Deathless
11. Devil Dope
12. Frecce Tricori
13. Born By Accident
14. Thrash Up!
15. Government-Go Home!
16. Silent End
17. Silent End (Neudi Lead Vocals Atempt)
Rehearsalroom Party 1989
18. Sudden Darkness in Der Kneipe

Advanced Madness Demo 1987
1. Satanic Butcher
2. No Tears
3. Lord Nightmare
Fear Of Reality Demo 1987 Unreleased First Version
4. Fear of Reality
5. Deathless
6. Government - Go Home!
Fear Of Reality Demo 1987
7. Crossover (a.k.a Thrash Up!)
Lord Nightmare aka. First Demo 1986
8. Sudden Darkness
9. Work It Out
10. Breakin' The Law
11. Livin' In Sin
12. Lord Nightmare
Writing Rehearsal
13. Devil Dope
Iceflowered Demo 1992
14. Iceflower
15. The Night That Lasts A 1000 Years
Live Bootleg 1991
16. Child Soldier
17. Gates to Eden

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Year 2021
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