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WITCHTOWER - Voyeur Vinyl LP

WITCHTOWER - Voyeur Vinyl LP
WITCHTOWER - Voyeur Vinyl LP

Fourth studio album by Spanish old-school Heavy Metal maniacs Witchtower.
“As the sword of Damocles is dangling ever lower, the upcoming studio album „Voyeur“ is gazing back into the abysmal depths that deprive you of dreams and leave the world in turmoil.”

Comes with a 350g/m² cover, 180g vinyl, insert & poster and black vinyl.

Side A
1. Chain Reaction
2. No Chance
3. Sherry Lee
4. Voyeur
Side B
1. The Darkest Light
2. Dr. Knife
3. The Gallows
4. The Day the Sun Explodes

Product Details
Band Witchtower
Format LP
Year 2023
Number of Discs 1

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