In collaboration with Christine Tsaprouni from I Scream Radio Show and Charly Kogler, who coordinated everything, we proudly announce the upcoming reissues of two heavyweights from the U.S. power metal scene of the 90's, that kept the flag of metal high at a difficult time for our favorite music.

ORACLE was the continuation of PRODIGY from Jacksonville, Florida, a band that in the early 90's released one of the most praised 90's power metal album from the States, "As Darkness Reigns". The album was released both as PRODIGY and as ORACLE with different song order, different mix and different mastering and for the first time, you are going to enjoy everything officially in the following deluxe editions:

  • PRODIGY - As Darkness Reigns (original mix, original artwork, remastered) 2LP / CD / Cassette
  • ORACLE - As Darkness Reigns (original mix, original artwork, remastered) 2LP / CD
  • Special Box Set featuring all editions in one box plus some extra goodies.

The PRODIGY songs will be remastered from the original master tapes that were found in pristine condition, so you will get to hear a crystal clear sound for the first time, as the only existing copies of the album were made on cassette format and only a handful of collectors own them.

The release date for all this stuff is scheduled for the last quarter of 2021 so stay tuned for more info. We want to thank everyone involved and especially Eternal Odyssey - Kent Smedley for his help and amazing music through the years. HAIL!