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Pop, Dance & Electro

GENRE PEAK - Your Sleekest Engine CD
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Brand: Gonzo Multimedia Catalog Number: HST395CD
TRACK LISTING:1. Nightfalls2. Denizen Darklight3. Metanoia4. God Fearing Men5. American Civil Rage6. Fix Me Deeper7. First Born Of The New Millennium8. Fix Me Deeper (Richard Barbieri Mix)9. The Waiting Station..
Brand: Fresh Colour Catalog Number: FRESCO009
TRACK LISTING:1. Do You Love Me2. Read My Mind (Extended Disco Mix)3. Don't Fly Away4. Fly In The Sky (Dance Mix)5. Dream Of Fantasy (Disco Mix)6. La Dolce Vita (Extended Vocal Mix)7. You (Extended Disco Mix)8. Never Enough (Extended Vocal Mix)9. Once In A Lifetime (Dance Mix)10. You And Me11. It's ..
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