CAULDRON BORN need no introduction, as every die hard epic metal fan is already familiar with their music legacy so far. The amazing guitar player and founder of the band, Howie Bentley, started his epic metal group back in the mid 90s when it was not trendy to have a traditional metal band and keeps going strong to this day releasing one great album after another.

Since the late 90's, CAULDRON BORN have released a series of classic metal albums that are hailed by most true metal fans as cornerstones of technical power metal with epic touches. Howie's lyrics draw from fantasy epic themes and the characteristic artworks that the band chooses for their albums' front covers are another trademark of their perception for epic perfectionism.

Being in touch with Howie since the 90's, it always a big dream for us to release his classic albums one day on vinyl. So starting with "Born of the Cauldron", "Sword and Sorcery Heavy Metal" and their latest offering "Legacy of the Atlantean Kings" (which is a rework of "... And Rome Shall Fall") we are going to put together by the end of 2021, three amazing vinyl editions, limited to 500 copies each that will do justice to the band's majestic music. All albums will feature intro by Howie Bentley himself, lyrics and great remastered sound. So stay tuned as more details will follow soon.