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Brand: Legions Catalog Number: LF001
***Written in Greek language***120 pages full with Greek metal! Comes with a full colour cover + ARRAYAN PATH "The Demo Chronicles" CD (limited to 500 copies!)...
Catalog Number: EXTP013
This is the latest EXPERIENCE THE POWER fanzine with interviews from DANGEROUS PROJECT, SOLID FAITH, NILS PATRIK JOHANSSON, HESPERIAN OPUS, VIGILANTE, STEELWITCH, ZLOTZ and ARIA. Coming with lots of metal album reviews, written in English, featuring 64 pages...
EXPERIENCE THE POWER - Issue 12 (December 2019) Fanzine
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Catalog Number: EXTP012
Text by the "Experience the power" official facebook page:Finally our new issue #12 is out. In 60 pages we have the honor to present some of the best new underground Power Metal bands and you will be able to read:Interviews with Altar of Oblivion, SPILLAGE, Thee Final Chaptre, Horizon's End, Star.Ga..
Catalog Number: EXTP010
Text by the "Experience the power" official facebook page:"Finally we have the copies of our new issue in our hands. We are proud of the final result and we personally thank Panos Hatziioannidis for his excellent work. After 17 years EXPERIENCE THE POWER fanzine is back and we promise to stay next t..
Catalog Number: NA3403
Regarded as one of the best underground metal magazines ever. Features interviews with cult bands like CIRITH UNGOL, MANILLA ROAD, TYRANT'S REIGN, EXXPLORER, OVERLORDE, SALEM'S WYCH. One of the magazines that inspired the love for great bands like MANILLA ROAD and CIRITH UNGOL when no one seeme..
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