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OSTROGOTH - Before The Full Moon 4CD BOOK

OSTROGOTH - Before The Full Moon 4CD BOOK
OSTROGOTH - Before The Full Moon 4CD BOOK

High Roller Records, super deluxe 4 CD hardcover book, 40 page booklet, limited to 500, featuring previously unreleased recordings from 1977 - 1983: demos, live recordings & alternate versions! Including a fully packed 40 page booklet with NEVER BEFORE SEEN PHOTOS & the Band history the early days of OSTROGOTH?!! Mastered and restored from cassette tapes (provided by the original artists) by Patrick W. Engel at TEMPLE OF DISHARMONY in March 2020.

Disc I
CD1-1 The Nazz Are Blue
CD1-2 Under The Table
CD1-3 Black Pearl
CD1-4 Welcome
CD1-5 It's All Over Now
CD1-6 Remember It's Over
CD1-7 Only A Dream
CD1-8 Rockin' Blues Boogie
CD1-9 Born To Be Wild

Disc II
CD2-1 City Killer
CD2-2 Carved In Stone
CD2-3 Surrounded By Flashlights
CD2-4 Midnight Fight
CD2-5 Heroes Museum
CD2-6 God's Final Touch
CD2-7 City Killer
CD2-8 Midnight Flight
CD2-9 Sourrounded By Flashlights
CD2-10 Helmed On The Run
CD2-11 Lords Of Thunder

Disc III
CD3-1 Intro
CD3-2 Surrounded By Flashlights
CD3-3 Heroes Museum
CD3-4 Terror (Bombers)
CD3-5 Lords Of Thunder
CD3-6 God's Final Touch
CD3-7 Helmed On The Run
CD3-8 The Green Manalishi
CD3-9 Race With The Devil
CD3-10 Midnight Fight
CD3-11 Falling Like Rain
CD3-12 Music Takes Me Soft And Violently
CD3-13 Heroes Museum
CD3-14 Lady Flower Of Mine
CD3-15 Helmed On The Sun

Disc IV
CD4-1 Entry of The Goths
CD4-2 Heroes Museum
CD4-3 Surrounded By Flashlights
CD4-4 The Battlefield
CD4-5 Stormbringer
CD4-6 Twilight
CD4-7 Do It Right
CD4-8 Heroes Museum
CD4-9 Lady Flower
CD4-10 Terror (Bombers)
CD4-11 Doctor Doctor
CD4-12 Paris By Night
CD4-13 Scream Out
CD4-14 Full Moon's Eyes

Product Details
Band Ostrogoth
Format 4CD BOOK
Year 2022
Packaging Type / Attributes Book
Number of Discs 4

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