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CHAOS PATH - Rise Of The Apocalypse CD

CHAOS PATH - Rise Of The Apocalypse CD
CHAOS PATH - Rise Of The Apocalypse CD
The world as we know it is undergoing an ominous change and is heading towards an uncertain future. In the midst of the global crisis, the band Chaos Path manifested itself in Kassel in northern Hesse in 2016. Chaos Path worship chaos and yet are not a weapons show of technical possibilities, no, their scope is much more precisely aligned. "Reduced to the Max" is the key to following the quartet on the path of chaos.

When a unique concoction emerges from Nordic influenced melodic death/black metal and the gruffness of German thrash metal, then you are in the crosshairs of Chaos Path. The first EP "The Awakening" was released in March 18, followed in September 2019 by the first full-length LP "Downfall". In 2020/21 there were internal line-up changes and Soul Oblitarator became the new drummer. The new EP "Dark Times" was released in early 2022, Nocturnal Reaper has been the band's guitarist since March and The Doom Lord (bass) joined the band in November. They are currently working on the second disc, which will also be released in all formats by Golden Core/ZYX.

"The Awakening" and "Downfall" have only been released physically on vinyl so far. Golden Core close this gap and combine the two releases with three unreleased live tracks on CD. Not only a new, very attractive cover was created, but also a new title with "Rise Of The Apocalypse".

The band is very busy in 2023 and plays at the Hell Over Halen Festival, among other things. In addition, they are an important part of the very active scene in and around Kassel, as well as the metal underground in general.

1. Doom
2. Kriig
3. Open The Gates
4. Voices Of Bitterness
5. Over Your Threshold
6. The Awakening (Choas Path Part I)
7. The Rise Of Chaos (Choas Path Part Ii)
8. Fire Blood Anger Chaos
9. Among Wolves
10. Der Blutmarsch
11. The Living Flame
12. White Kingdom Of Ice (An Ancient Story)
13. Hallowed 'til The Downfall
14. Unter Wlfen
15. Dark Times (Live)
16 The Living Flame (Live)
17 Doom (Live)
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Band Chaos Path
Format CD
Year 2023
Packaging Type / Attributes Jewel Case
Number of Discs 1

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