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MILEDGE MUZIC - Despise Not The Day Of Small Beginnings CD-R

MILEDGE MUZIC - Despise Not The Day Of Small Beginnings CD-R
MILEDGE MUZIC - Despise Not The Day Of Small Beginnings CD-R

(features Ray Frigon original founding member and drummer of LEGEND from Connecticut)

Miledge Muzic began with a jam in October of 2011. Tom Cranor wanted to try some free-form, jazzier music, found Ray Frigon on a musician's site, got together, and off they went. It was powerful from the very first session together.

They both grew up during what many consider the most adventurous time in 20th century music - the late sixties, early seventies when experimentation with sounds, genres, and jamming became legendary.

The Debut release of the explosive guitar/drums duo producing a captivating, eclectic mix of instrumental free-form jazz, funk, fusion, rock, ambient, and jam band colors; having the feel of a sound track without the film - it's composition on the fly.

Miledge Muzic is Tom Cranor on guitars and Ray Frigon on drums. It's a powerful duo creating instrumental, free-form (though not free of form) soundscapes which travel through a blend of genres in a live studio setting. While it is basically a jam, it is much more. Each session weaves through it's own lifespan, pulling the duo along to create compositional statements filled with huge sound, beautiful imagery, raw energy, and intriguing melodies. No fretboard fireworks here. Cranor's guitar work is textured and broad in its scope, a palette of chordal tapestry with bold intent. Frigon's drumming lays down a continuous stream of lyrical dynamics, solid pocket, and almost ferocious explosions of energy and partisanship throughout the sessions. It works as a duo, and takes the listener on a ride through terrestrial and celestial imagery.

1. Launch In The Oort Cloud
2. Dances With Dinosaurs

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Band Miledge Muzic
Format CD-R
Year 2014
Packaging Type / Attributes Jewel Case
Number of Discs 1

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