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MILEDGE MUZIC - Time To Tip The Tornado CD-R

MILEDGE MUZIC - Time To Tip The Tornado CD-R
MILEDGE MUZIC - Time To Tip The Tornado CD-R

(features Ray Frigon original founding member and drummer of LEGEND from Connecticut)

Miledge Muzic began with a jam in October of 2011. Tom Cranor wanted to try some free-form, jazzier music, found Ray Frigon on a musician's site, got together, and off they went. It was powerful from the very first session together.

They both grew up during what many consider the most adventurous time in 20th century music - the late sixties, early seventies when experimentation with sounds, genres, and jamming became legendary.

Instrumental, multi-genre tour de force duo of guitar and drums. A furnace of funky free-form Fusion flying into the fahrenheits.

Time to Tip the Tornado is the fourth offering from the improvisational Fusion duo, Miledge Muzic, featuring Tom Cranor on guitars and Ray Frigon on drums.

Asking people to describe Miledge Muzic offers interesting results with one thing in common: no one really knows how to label it. Is it jazz? Is it rock? What genre of both? Is it new age? What about the funk? What about the metal? Ultimately it can only be described as multi-genre.

Again, one, seeming terrestrial/extraterrestrial ever-building and blistering track occupies the disk. Energy and explosive power whirling in non-stop fervency by the track's end will just about stand the hair up on your neck. A tour de force for Improv lovers.

While Tom Cranor makes music with his guitar, it might also be said he makes nature on his guitar; melody slips into bursts of forces that erupt and forge and sail away.

Frigon works at accompaniment like a percussive zoo with intricate rhythms and roars, chirps and chatter, on land, sea and air; in quietude, in tempest.

Their fourth CD shows a two-man musical fraternity ever tightening up with ideas and detonating a musical mushroom cloud.


1. March Of The Galactic Tortoise

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Band Miledge Muzic
Format CD-R
Year 2018
Packaging Type / Attributes Jewel Case
Number of Discs 1

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