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REVELATION - Secrets In The Dark CD

REVELATION - Secrets In The Dark CD
REVELATION - Secrets In The Dark CD
REVELATION from Boston, Massachusetts, USA. One of the 8000 rock / metal bands that have been tracked down around the area back in the late 80s. Each one of them was chasing the dream, recording and releasing demos, performing live shows and taking place in "Battle of the Bands" contests. A different age, a different shape of the music industry, a different game.

REVELATION have released their "Secrets in the Dark" demo tape back in 1990. This demo simply includes some of the finest melodic US Metal that you can ask for. It was an instant goal for the Arkeyn Steel Records team to establish a reissue project for this masterpiece. We started the reissue process four years ago and in many cases we have reached the "it is never going to happen" phase: Lost master tapes, lack of even the basic information -for example song titles-, no photos or visual material in general etc. Thanks to the kindness and patience of guitarist and founding member Jay Giampapa we managed to overcome all these issues and to discover that there is even more material available by this magnificent band:

Back in the mid-90s they have changed their name to SILENT SCREAM, evolving their sound to a more prog direction and recording a bunch of magnificent songs in the vein of the first era of Fates Warning. Songs that remained unreleased until today.  

We have managed to gather all this material, presenting a release that features everything that this outstanding band has ever recorded: The complete "Secrets in the Dark" demo from 1990 plus the entire set of the SILENT SCREAM recordings from 1995-1996. We even managed to restore live and unreleased REVELATION songs, adding them to the list.

Everything has been remastered from scratch by Kostas Scandalis at infinity studio (Thessaloniki, Greece) for the best audio quality. The artwork has been developed by Kostas Athanasoglou and lots of never before seen photos are included in the booklet.

Finally, an in depth interview by, Chris Papadakis, with guitarist and founding member Jay Giampapa is featured. This interview actually spans the entire band's history.

Well this is not just a reissue. Arkeyn Steel Records is saving some metal history in here, resurrecting from oblivion the miracles of a magnificent band, before they get lost forever.

The secrets in the dark are now brought to light.


Available: Friday, May 31st, 2024. (PRESSING PLANT DELAY - RELEASE DURING JUNE 2024)

1. Secrets In The Dark
2. Fight Or Fall
3. Tonight
4. Lady For The Blind
5. No Turning Back
6. Remember Tomorrow
7. Salvation
8. Castle Walls
9. Ashes In The Sky
10. Hammers Of Dawn
11. Silent Scream
12. Passages (After The Storm)
13. Shattered Dreams
14. November Wind (Live)

1-6 Secrets In The Dark (Demo 1990)
7 Unreleased Demo 1991
8-13 Silent Scream (Unreleased Demo 1995/6)
14 Live At The Channel, Boston, MA 3/1991
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Band Revelation
Format CD
Year 2024
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