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IRONFLAME - Kingdom Torn Asunder MC (Pre-Order)

IRONFLAME - Kingdom Torn Asunder MC (Pre-Order)
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IRONFLAME - Kingdom Torn Asunder MC (Pre-Order)
High Roller Records, screwed pro-music cassette, ltd 150, 2-panel j-card, Since the eighties, Cleveland has always been a hotspot for great heavy metal music. Ohio-based Andrew D’Caga continues this tradition in true style. Over the past years, the multi-instrumentalist has been active in more than half a dozen bands, among them Brimstone Coven and Icarus Witch. His main priority, however, is his own project Ironflame, for which he writes the music, lyrics, handles all the instruments and sings.Originally formed in 2016, Ironflame have released four full-length records to great critical acclaim and fantastic fan reactions. 2017’s »Lightning Strikes The Crown« was followed by »Tales Of Splendor And Sorrow« (2018), »Blood Red Victory« (2020) and their High Roller debut »Where Madness Dwells« (2022).And now it’s time for the brand new studio album bearing the name of »Kingdom Torn Asunder«, of which Andrew D’Caga says: “If I had to describe the album to anyone who is already familiar with Ironflame and is a fan of our music, I would say you will not be disappointed. To my ears, »Kingdom Torn Asunder« is a classic Ironflame album. All of the elements that make an Ironflame album are present: twin guitar harmonies, memorable hooks, catchy choruses and good album flow. The writing formula has not changed for us, neither has the recording formula. I handled all of the vocals, guitars, bass and drums as usual. Everything except for guitar solos, which were once again done by Quinn Lukas and Jesse Scott.”In places, Ironflames fifth album sounds a lot like classic European power metal in the vein of prime-time Kiske-era Helloween and also Hammer Fall. The singer/bassist/drummer/guitarist nods: “I can absolutely agree with you when it comes to the faster songs on the album, like ‘Blood And Honor’ or ‘Standing Tall’. I was a huge fan of Kiske and Helloween since I was a kid in the late eighties, »Keeper Of The Seven Keys« was a very powerful album to me. Hammer Fall was not what I would call a direct influence but I do respect and appreciate all they have done to carry the torch for heavy metal for so many years.”The CD version of »Kingdom Torn Asunder« contains two bonus songs, namely “Cold Flesh Falls” and “Exile Of The Sun”. Why didn’t these two make the album proper, didn’t they fit musically or were they considered not as strong as the rest of the material? “I think the two bonus tracks are just as strong as any other on the album,” stresses Andrew D’Caga. “But I had to make a choice about which eight tracks would be on the LP, so I went with the songs that I felt complimented each other the most. As can be said for songs that have ended up as bonus tracks in the past. I predict that some fans will claim that these songs are some of their favorites on the album.”01 Blood and Honor02 Soul Survivors03 Majesty of Steel04 Mistress of Desire05 Standing Tall06 Sword of a Thousand Truths07 Riding the Dragons08 Shadow of the Reaper09 Cold Flesh Falls (MC bonus track)10 Exile of the Sun (MC bonus track)ANDREW D'CAGNA - vocalsJESSE SCOTT - guitarQUINN LUKAS - guitarJAMES BABCOCK - bassNOAH SKIBA - drums

Available: Friday, August 2nd, 2024.
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Band Ironflame
Format MC
Year 2024
Number of Discs 1

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