Scheduled releases for the rest of 2021 / Early 2022
Estimated shipping date: mid November 2021

1) STITCH - Beyond The Devil's Deal DOUBLE Slipcase CD
Note: Swedish 80's metal by the band that released the classic "Devil's Deal" single

2) PATRIARCH - First Hand: Secord Verse Slipcase CD
Note: Monster pomp hard rock like STYX, early KANSAS. Original vinyl fetches three figure prices

3) STYGIAN FAIR - Equilibrium Slipcase CD
Note: Newcoming Swedish melodic heavy like TAD MOROSE, CONCEPTION, QUEENSRYCHE

4) SCREEM - Screem Slipcase CD
Note: Reissue of the classic 80's Swedish metal demo


Batch 1
Estimated shipping date: late October 2021

1) ASIA - Asia Vinyl
Note: Monster late 70's U.S. hard rock / metal

2) ASIA - Armed To The Teeth Vinyl
Note: The second opus of the band. One of the best vinyl records of all time

3) WHITE WING - White Wing Vinyl
Note: pre-ASIA progressive hard rock greatness

4) SOLOMON KANE - Die By The Sword - 1986/1991 Vinyl
Note: Lyrical melodic heavy metal by post-ASIA band. First time on vinyl

5) BLACK HILLS GOLD - The Legacy Of The South Dakota ASIA BOX SET
Note: Will contain all the above 4 records in a special gold vinyl edition! Limited to 100 copies - NO REPRESS!

Batch 2
Estimated shipping date: late November 2021

1) WINTER HAWK - Electric Warriors Vinyl
Note: Reissue of insanely rare hard rock monster that goes for sky high prices

2) WINTER HAWK - Dog Soldier Vinyl
Note: The second album of the band. The original copy fetches ridiculous prices. High class hard rock ripper

3) WANKA - The Orange Album Vinyl
Note: Canadian progressive hard rock greatness with pomp touches from the late 70's

Estimated shipping date: mid January 2022

1) STITCH - Beyond The Devil's Deal Vinyl
Note: Vinyl compilation with the best songs from this classics Swedish band

2) VICE - Vice Vinyl
Note: Insanely hard to find California metal ripper with bonus songs

3) TRIAL - Scream For Mercy Vinyl
Note: Legendary 80's Belgian metal for fans of MERCYFUL FATE, EVIL etc.

4) WITCH - Still Alive? Vinyl
Note: For the first time on vinyl, compilation of the best songs by this cult Swedish band

Estimated shipping date: late February 2022

1) CAULDRON BORN - Born Of The Cauldron Gatefold Vinyl
Note: One of the front runners of the U.S. metal scene of the 90's. Classic first album on Gatefold Vinyl

2) CAULDRON BORN - Sword And Sorcery Heavy Metal Vinyl
Note: Amazing compilation with demo songs by the cult U.S. metal legends. First time on vinyl

3) CAULDRON BORN - Legacy Of Atlantean Kings Gatefold Vinyl
Note: The vinyl version of the latest Cauldron Born offering. Re-recordings of "And Rome shall Fall" with killer singer

4) PATRIARCH - First Hand: Second Verse Vinyl
Note: Vinyl version with bonus songs of the monster 80's rarity

5) WIKKYD VIKKER - Black Of The Night Vinyl
Note: Highly sought after NWOBHM. First time on 12'' vinyl with bonus songs