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INTENSE CONFESSION - Whispers Of Fear / Into The Forbidden DCD

INTENSE CONFESSION - Whispers Of Fear / Into The Forbidden DCD
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INTENSE CONFESSION - Whispers Of Fear / Into The Forbidden DCD

First review at FORGOTTEN SCROLL webzine:

A band that has managed to develop a one of a kind soundscape, exploring a high level of expression through their wonderful Christian lyrics. The band's complete works are becoming available again through this double CD reissue that highlights their musical legacy.

The "Into the Forbidden" debut LP tape was released independently by the band back in 1990, on 500 cassettes. A great release consisting mainly of instrumental songs that showcased the band's compositional and performing skills through a unique type of virtuoso, expressive and emotional Prog Metal. A release that opened the road for the masterpiece that followed.

And this masterpiece is no other than the band's holy grail "Whispers of Fear", their second full length album that was independently released one year later (1991) on 500 tapes and 500 CDs. Those who are aware of the album can simply confirm that we are talking about a musical miracle. Those who are not aware of it, had better get ready for the ultimate discovery experience of a Progressive Metal classic.

Needless to point out that both the albums are rare as hell on their original pressings, but now everyone gets the chance to discover the delightful music of this band through this double CD reissue that includes both their full lengths.

Kostas Scandalis has remastered the audio from the original master tapes at Infinity Studios (Thessaloniki, Greece).

Kostas Athanasoglou developed the entire artwork, upgrading the original fantasy cover art. Lyrics, never before seen photos and an in depth biography written by Scott Burnes (Bass) are included.

INTENSE CONFESSION were a phenomenal band, their music carries the aura of big, classic bands like HEIR APPARENT, CRIMSON GLORY etc. Do not miss the chance to discover or rediscover them!


Available: January 19th, 2024. (Expected around January 23rd due to a small pressing plant delay.)

1. Eyes Of Fury
2. Revolution
3. Shadows
4. Pages
5. Windows Of Time
6. Days Of Yesterday
7. The Chosen/Whispers Of Fear
8. The Journey Of Balderdash
9. When Kings Cry

1-9 Whispers Of Fear (Private CD) 1991

1. The Arrival
2. Blind Confusion
3. I Must Tell Them
4. The Arbitraitor
5. King Of Glory
6. Flight Of The Eagle
7. The Timekeeper
8. Into The Forbidden
9. Eyes Of Tears

1-9 Into The Forbidden (LP Tape) 1990

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Band Intense Confession
Format CD
Year 2024
Packaging Type / Attributes Jewel Case
Number of Discs 2

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