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PHAËTHON - Wielder Of The Steel LP (Pre-Order)

PHAËTHON - Wielder Of The Steel LP (Pre-Order)
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PHAËTHON - Wielder Of The Steel LP (Pre-Order)
***Black Vinyl***

Old-school heavy metal of the epic persuasion!

Phaëthon brings forth monumental classic metal on their first full-length, Wielder of the Steel, a masterclass in metal glory.

Wielder of the Steel is an eight-song herald of metal reverence and majesty that will no doubt appeal to fans of Manowar, Mercyful Fate, Bathory and Cirith Ungol.

Available: August 30th, 2024.

Side A
1. Eternal Hammerer
2. Vanguard of the Emperor
3. For the Greater Good of Evil
4. Tolls of Perdition
Side B
1. Blasphemers
2. Forgotten Gods
3. Phaëthon Must Fall
4. Wielder of the Steel
Product Details
Band Phaëthon
Format LP
Year 2024
Number of Discs 1

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